The 10 foods richest in magnesium

Essential to the proper functioning of your body, it is important to consume natural magnesium rather than supplement.

A large number of foods, preferably organic, are the source of this nutrient but here are the top 10 of those that contain a lot. Where to find magnesium ions for a good cure? Follow the guide !

List of the 10 foods containing the most magnesium
– Dark chocolate. One portion covers 16% of recommended daily intake (RDA) magnesium.

– The lawyer. With 58 niwali keto grams of magnesium, this fruit increases fullness and improves cholesterol levels.

– Nuts. Prefer almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews. 30 gr of nuts fill 20% of the RDA.

– Legumes such as soybeans, beans, lentils and chickpeas. Do not hesitate to consume about 1 cup to bring to your body 120 mg of magnesium.

– Tofu is the staple of vegetarian diets. It is a source of protein but also of magnesium. About 100g covers 13% of RDAs.

– The seeds are rich in magnesium and are excellent for health especially pumpkin, flax and chia seeds.

– Whole grains. These are wheat, barley and oats. You can also eat buckwheat and quinoa.

– Some oily fish have a high magnesium content such as salmon, halibut and mackerel. Half a net represents 13% of the AJR.

– The banana. If it is known for its high potassium content, it also contains magnesium and vitamin B6.

– Green vegetables including spinach, green cabbage and kale. One cup contains 150 mg of magnesium, which represents 40% of the RDA.

The benefits of magnesium
– Magnesium turns food into energy

– It promotes nerve impulses and helps the muscles to relax

– It allows the formation of teeth and bones

– It regulates the heart rate

– He participates in the production of insulin

– It helps treat depression

– It prevents cardiovascular disease

– It relieves chronic fatigue

– He fights against blood pressure

– Magnesium alleviates manifestations of allergy

– It soothes premenstrual symptoms by reducing abdominal cramps

Like vitamin b6, it’s essential to give your body the amount of magnesium it needs to function. Consider incorporating these foods into your nutrition because of their high content.

How many calories in Mirabelle compote?

Combien de calories dans la compote de mirabelles ?

It is often said that the diet is better than cookies. But what about mirabelle applesauce? Good news for gourmands: if you choose without added sugar, this sweetness does not exceed 70 kilocalories per 100 grams.

Focus on a healthy food that is always enjoyed with great pleasure, whether we are still small or already big!

The mirabelle compote without sugar, good for the line?
Always preferable to too sweet preserves, applesauce plum can not take you too much weight. It is therefore welcome in your menus, for example at breakfast or at tea time.

But this little marvel of flavor, however, has a flaw: almost liquid, it is not chewed. Often too quickly swallowed, it may well leave you hungry, and thus expose you to a risk of cravings …

So remember to eat your compote very slowly, or to associate it with other foods with “masticatory index” higher – for the morning, the bread is very complete and an excellent choice.

Easy recipe: How to make mirabelle compote with thermomix
2 organic apples
about twenty organic mirabelles, fresh or frozen
1/2 glass of water
1 pinch of Ceylon cinnamon (or 4 spices mixture)
1 – Peel and cut the apples in large pieces, then pit the mirabelles.

2 – Then place the pieces of fruit, as well as water and spices, in the bowl of your thermomix.

3 – Blend these ingredients for 12 minutes at 100 ° C, at speed 2.

4 – Blend again, for 30 seconds, at speed 10.

Your applesauce and mirabelle plum is ready! Without sugar, it is also suitable for babies. Spread in verrines, it will also make an excellent family dessert. You live alone ? Think about freezing.

The virtues of mirabelle plum
In compote or on a tart (light of course!), Mirabelle plum is a source of minerals (especially iron) and vitamins (especially those of group B).

Rich in fiber, this fruit is also an ally against constipation: like all plums, Mirabelle is even laxative at high doses.

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome consume it with caution, however, to limit the risk of irritation.

If you like mirabelle plum jam, no reason to deprive yourself during your slimming diet. Just eat it slowly. Choose it simply unsweetened, or do it yourself, based on organic fruit: you will make the most of this little delight.

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How many calories in apricot compote?

Combien de calories dans la compote d'abricot ?

Fruit of summer par excellence, the apricot is consumed as well fresh as secet cooks perfectly in compote. If it is full of virtues good for your health, it is to consume regularly and in moderation in order to continue to lose weight during your slimming diet.

The calories present in the apricot compote
Purchased commercially, the sterilized and sugar-free apricot compote contains between 80 and 100 calories for a portion of 100 grams. It is therefore a dessert to eat from time to time. Source of fiber, very low in salt and fat-free, the apricot compote totals about 20 grams of carbohydrates.

The homemade and easy recipe of apricot compote
This original and delicious dessert will allow you to vary your slimming program. For a successful recipe and more dietary, avoid canned apricots. However, you can use frozen apricots. The cooking of this compote can also be carried out thermomix.

400 gr ripe apricots
200 ml of water
a vanilla pod
a pinch of cinnamon
a teaspoon of orange blossom
1 – Wash the apricots, cut them in 2 and remove the kernel
2 – Put the water in a saucepan
3 – Let warm and add the diced fruits
4 – Add the grains of vanilla and cinnamon
5 – Cook 10 minutes
6 – Mix and add the orange blossom
7 – Reserve in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours

The benefits of apricot
Apricot is rich in potassium and iron, which promotes good neuromuscular function and red blood cell formation. It also has a high content of beta carotene and antioxidant.

Thanks to its fibers, it helps a better digestion and its pectines allow to lower the rate of bad cholesterol. It is an ideal fruit to fill up with vitamins (A, B and C). Apricot is also recommended in pregnant women because it strengthens the immune system and encourages the healthy development of the fetus.

In addition, it is also recommended for athletes because it brings a lot of energy. Be careful though because the apricot contains a natural salicylate, ie a chemical, which can trigger an allergic reaction especially in people sensitive to aspirin.

Moderately caloric and good for health, light apricot compote can be integrated into your diet especially if you do not overdo it.

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How many calories in hash browns?

The United States is not only the country of muffins: fried potato pancakes, hash browns also find their origin in American cuisine. Deliciously crunchy, however, they have a huge defect: with more than 400 kcal per 100 grams, they are extremely caloric.

Our tips for eating some without taking too much weight.

Why hash browns make you fat?
Potato, frying … is the fatal addition to panic the scales. High in calories, hash browns also have, unfortunately, a particularly high glycemic index.

To save your figure, you have no choice but to give up these tasty patties, or eat only one, accompanied by a good dose of green salad.

Unless you test our recipe revisited: hash browns … sweet potato! With a much lower glycemic index than traditional potatoes, sweet potatoes will do much less damage in your slimming program. But no question of baking it to lower the caloric addition: we would not have to deal with hash browns!

Light recipe: homemade sweet potato hash browns
500 g sweet potatoes
2 cloves garlic
1 onion
coconut oil
– Peel the sweet potatoes, then grated them like carrots (you can use your thermomix).

– Soak your grated potatoes in cold water for two minutes.

– Drain them carefully, pressing them in a cloth to extract the water.

– Chop garlic and onion, and mix with potatoes, as well as coriander.

– Form slabs three centimeters thick.

– Heat a pan with a little coconut oil.

– Brown the patties, on medium heat, on each side. At the end of cooking, pass over high heat to make them crisp.

– Add salt and pepper.

The hash browns are suitable for all diets. They are particularly perfect for a vegan or vegetarian menu, 100% “vegetables”!

Nutrition: healthy assets of hash browns
Everyone knows that cooking with oil is not the best for health, especially when the temperature rises …

Fortunately, hash browns are also of nutritional interest:

– In the potato, they are a source of antioxidants and fibers. They also provide vitamins B1 and B6, as well as copper, potassium, iron and manganese.

– In sweet potatoes, hash browns provide vitamin B, but also A and C, and two minerals: copper and manganese. This version is particularly rich in soft fibers, excellent for intestinal health.

Finally, hash browns are a source of starch without gluten, and will be well tolerated by almost all eaters!

Unsuitable for a diet slimming, traditional hash browns are easily available in sweet potato version. It’s time to enjoy!

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Our list of 20 foods at 0 calories

Our list of 20 foods at 0 calories

And yes, there is food that weighs for nothing in our diet. These are low calorie foods. A quick tour of some of these friends of the line.

Our twenty scrumptious foods, guaranteed (almost) without calories
For a hundred grams of a product, less than twenty calories, it’s really nothing, and these are the foods that you should prioritize in your diet. Not surprisingly, vegetables and fruits are the lion’s share of our list.

less than 20 calories: celery-branches, cucumbers, lemon and lime , zucchini , tomatoes, salads, as well as all spice-like condiments
20 to 30 calories: turnips, cabbage and cauliflower, asparagus, spinach
30 to 40 calories : mushrooms , watermelons, broccoli
40 to 50 calories: carrots , onions , oranges
the apple exceeds 50 calories , but it stalls the stomach and is very rich from a nutritional point of view
The benefits of negative calorie foods
Zero calories do not exist, but some foods are so scanty that you consume more energy to eat than they bring you. These are often foods that are very rich in water and very nutritious. When you do a diet to lose weight , it is ideal: it means that to spend energy, the body is forced to go to the fat mass in stock.

How to use empty foods in calories ?
Many of these foods are easily improvised as recipes . Most of them are eaten fresh, and it’s even the best way to enjoy their taste.

Apples and oranges make snacks for snacks , but vegetables such as celery, cucumber, carrot and zucchini do not need to be cooked to enjoy. On the contrary, they keep their nutrients better if you do not cook them, and go with a delicious cottage cheese.

In seasoning, use, even overuse spices , which are empty calorie containers and which advantageously replace for the taste the fat sauces.

Health and thinness of the heart are always found in fruits and vegetables, we can never say enough. Give them a place of honor in your nutrition and your kitchen, even your garden and enjoy with your children these foods too often shunned.

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Canned fruits make them fat?

Between conventional wisdom and scientific evidence, it is difficult to trust canned foods. Indeed, some would say that conservation would degrade organic quality. Others would argue that a fresh or frozen product would be tastier. Is this also true for fruits? And more importantly, during a diet, would they get fatter?

Canned fruits make them fat?

Why a fruit conservation?
Conservation has not been designed solely for commercial purposes . Indeed, in the eighteenth century, a French researcher named Nicolas Appert had advocated the use of boxes to limit or stop the proliferation of bacteria in food (which is very useful during pregnancy, for example).

Once the harvest is finished, after conditioning, the fruits are directly canned. They go through peeling, sorting, calibration and bleaching in boiling water. For conservation, it is necessary to put water, salt and possibly sugar.

Calories in canned fruits
The fruits themselves have a low glycemic index , provide vitamins to your body and have very few calories (between 0 and 50 kcal per 100 g).

They therefore remain relatively good for health. The concern lies in the level of sugar useful for conservation. 100 g of it would indeed bring 387 kcal to your body . The nutritional value of these preserved fruits is then complete, but the abuses are to be discarded. Also, when you are about to consume these fruits, it is customary to rinse them. In this way, you will get rid of gluten promoting fat intake.

Good canned fruit recipes
There are no recipes for canned fruits. In fact, you can use these to prepare good fruit salads (unsweetened) or pies. However, since you follow a diet, do not abuse pies. 100 g of flour and 100 g of sugar alone bring 750 kcal.

With regard to cooked fruits , no conclusive study has yet revealed whether this modifies their caloric intake. However, as cooked meat is more protein-rich (therefore more caloric) than raw meat, similar impacts could develop in fruit. Be careful then! Do not overdo it either.

To summarize, the fruits themselves, whether fresh or canned, do not bring a lot of calories to your body. Instead, pay attention to the sucrose needed for good preservation. With these fruits, you can easily prepare the recipes you are used to. You will not feel any difference in terms of taste. Just check the expiry date!

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Homemade stretch marks oils

Homemade stretch marks oils

The time of home made sounded! If anti-stretch mark creams are still selling, we also appreciate making your own bespoke beauty treatments …

The slimming shop 
But what are home remedial oils really worth? Can we hope for results ? Well, yeah. But like industrial care, these craft recipes will be more effective to prevent tears than to cure already white stretch marks …

Stretch marks: our opinions on the action of homemade oils
When you take a lot of weight or volume, the skin is under severe stress … Often, it cracks: it is the appearance of stretch marks. Unable to completely erase, stretch marks happily become less visible over time, from red to white.

To speed up the process, homemade oils can often help you, thanks to their restorative properties. The winning trio? Rosehip , avocado and wheat germ ! Restructuring, these oils activate skin regeneration.

And in prevention, they are even more effective: protective and nourishing, their lipids strengthen your skin . More flexible, it will resist better stretching, for example during a pregnancy.

How to make an anti-stretch mark care bio?
Without essential oils, this natural mixture can be used by everyone, including women during pregnancy and after delivery , even if breastfeeding :

– 30 ml of organic rosehip oil – 50 ml of organic avocado oil – 20 ml of organic wheat germ oil

– You just have to transfer the three oils into a 100 ml bottle.

– Shake, it’s over!

– Apply the mixture every morning and evening to the areas to be protected.

All the virtues of vegetable oils
Multiuse, vegetable oils are full of virtues for your skin.

Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle, Rosehip oil is an excellent treatment against scars of any type. However, we will avoid using this very rich oil in cases of acne, otherwise imperfections will increase.

Very nourishing, avocado oil restores the comfort of dry and mature skin, and can also be used as eyelid care . Used as a hair mask, it restores suppleness and softness to the hair.

As for wheat germ oil, it is a great concentrate of antioxidants . Effective to delay the appearance of signs of age, it also helps to deeply nourish the skin too dry.

Beneficial, homemade oils are useful to prevent stretch marks and promote their attenuation. So if the custom mixes tempt you, your spatulas!


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List of the lowest calorie pastries

the sport. Wearing a compression tights can help fight against venous insufficiency, both for performance and to improve one’s health and daily comfort.

The benefits of tights during sports
Being athletic does not prevent venous problems from multiplying with age. It impacts men and women and plays on performance as well as health.

Varicose veins, heavy legs, small edema … venous insufficiency can quickly be disabling.

The compression tights will help overcome some of this problem. Note that the restraint is effective during the effort on certain sports (in the case of cycling, it is useless for example, while it will be very useful in running and running), but also before and after training , to promote what is called venous return during recovery.

Sticky is not the only solution of contention. Depending on the sport and the specific needs of the individual, these may include specific stockings, calf cuffs or compression socks.

What is a compression tights?
It is a type of compression stocking that improves blood circulation and relieves people who suffer from pain caused by blood that tends to stagnate in the legs.

If there are tights described as “sports”, they actually have no significant specificity compared to tights contention of good quality adapted to the morphology, calves and profile of each person.

The advice of a pharmacist can help you determine if you need a large size, a low-slung … and give you an effective user manual as part of the training.

How to choose your compression tights
Athletes should rather turn to a bamboo fiber compression tights. New generations of contention solutions play on the discreet and comfortable side, not just on performance.

Other material options include cotton, linen, elastane or a mix of several natural materials.

Ideally, choosing your compression tights is done initially in pharmacy, with precise measurements, but also after several out-of-competition tests, in order to get used to wearing it when you train.

A compression tights can last from 3 to 6 months on average, so it is important to choose a good quality to hold over time.

Finally, the effect of the tights will depend on the type of compression class. When you change or your body is changing a lot, it is important to also change compression stockings.

The use of a compression tights can really relieve the pain of insufficient blood circulation. The positive effects should very soon be felt!

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Weight gain with sport and diet: is this normal?

Weight gain with sport and diet: is this normal?

Eat better, move more: to lose weight, the solution seems simple, is not it? But what happens when the diet and the sport are accompanied by a very rapid weight gain? A priori, this is not normal: it is important to take stock of what is problematic.

The slimming shop 
Identify the possible factors of weight gain
In principle, by having a balanced diet that promotes weight loss and regular physical activity that helps burn calories and fat , there is little reason for weight to increase on the scale. Nevertheless, this can happen in the following cases:

Strong muscle mass gain (muscles weighing heavier than fat)
Protein and carbohydrate abuse before or after training
Water retention
Hormonal disorders or health concerns
In case of pregnancy also, the body will be strongly impacted in its reactions . It is important to consult a doctor before creating your own dual active sports diet.

Identify the causes for selecting the remedies
At first, the risk for a person who suddenly starts to train and diets is to overcompensate for physical activity on the plate. Because yes, too much lean protein or vegetables can also take pounds.

It may be interesting to seek advice from a nutritionist and / or a coach if the concern persists. Normally, even with a muscular fit, having a weight-loss diet should lead to a general refinement.

The remedies can be multiple: food rebalancing, tailor-made training program really adapted, personalized follow-up … or medical treatment if a particular problem has been detected!

In the case of water retention , a suitable diet (including no salt) can quickly help reduce the impact of the latter on the body.

Detach from the number indicated on the scale
Putting on weight when you get muscle is common. To detach from the scale, it is important to remember that 2 kilos of extra muscle are prettier and healthier than a stable weight with a high fat mass.

To overcome this problem of vision, the ideal is to take regularly measurements of turn of thighs , buttocks and size, as well as a precise measurement of the rate of fat in the body (using the same device especially) .

In the end, tips exist to identify the problem and see if action needs to be taken. It is important to keep in mind that our body is changing day by day, and that it is common to “swell” and then deflate in 24 or 48 hours, especially when you are a woman.

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How many calories in the Milky Way?

A well-known sweet candy stall , this bar is named Milky Way because it is a nougat mousse coated with chocolate . It recalls the whiteness of the milky way.

Available at a time in the form of spreads, this famous gourmandise belongs above all to the category of industrial chocolate bars , Mars or Twix type: caloric pleasure to perfection!

how-many-calories milky way

Energy supply and composition of a Milky Way bar
A Milky Way weighs 51 grams and provides about 225 kcal. It is therefore quite the average of its sisters, for example a Mars brings 191 kcal and a Twix 226 kcal. The following ingredients are found: sugar, glucose syrup , skimmed milk powder, vegetable oils , cocoa butter, lactose, malt extracts , emulsifiers, salt, vanilla flavor. This composition makes it clear that the Milky Way is a delicacy that will provide a lot of carbohydrates and fats, but with a balance of protein and fiber that does not exist.

How to consume Milky Way while staying healthy?
Like all sweets in its category, it is possible to consume Milky Way on certain occasions:

during intense sport, it will be a good source of easily assimilated carbohydrates
during a gourmet snack break, between two meals, it can be accompanied by a biscuit and a fruit.
Generally in nutrition, the main thing remains to vary the energy intake and to provide good fiber to the body . In addition, it should be kept in mind that this gluttony is gluten-free, which can be interesting in case of specific diet.

Homemade Milky Way Recipe
To limit calories but also to gain in quality of fatty acids, it is possible to make treats quite close to the Milky Way, at home. By making a milk foam, put in the fridge for 12 hours and then coated with chocolate or nutella spread , we will get a fairly close result.

It is also possible to use Milky Way in compound desserts: a Milky Way cake consisting of two layers of sponge cake wrapped in a milk mousse, all covered with a black and white glaze . It’s up to you to let your imagination play and to please you!

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