Benefits and calories of vegetable butter?

Problems of overweight, cholesterol, vegan diet or vegan … the reasons are not lacking to introduce the vegetable butter in his diet.

Vegetable butter, also known as margarine, is made from hydrogenated fats, which makes the preparation more easily spreadable and increases its shelf life. As caloric as animal butter (82 calories per 100g of product) the vegetable butter has many benefits.

Vegetable butter: what benefits?
About ¼ of margarines on the market highlight health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels or reducing cardiovascular problems.

Vegetable butter consists of vegetable fats that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. It is also rich in vitamin A and E.

A few years ago, the opinions were rather negative concerning the composition of vegetable butter because it was frequently found in its manufacture of saturated or “trans” fatty acids deemed harmful to health. Today, we favor the “good” polyunsaturated fatty acids and it is advisable to turn to margarines based on rapeseed oil, rich in omega 3.

Vegetable butter and diet: how to make the right choice?
When we go on a diet, we tend to think that butter is the number one enemy. Yet lipids are essential nutrients that will help the constitution of our cells. So do not remove them from our diet.

Vegetable butter or animal butter? In equal quantities, a dab of each on your toast will be exactly the same calorie intake. So you can continue to indulge yourself and spread your morning bread as you see fit.

If you make a cake, it’s quite possible to replace the animal butter with vegetable butter in the kitchen.

Tip: halve the amount in the recipe. When making your choice in store, check that there is no trans fat and choose a non-hydrogenated vegetable butter. It must contain a maximum of 1 gram of saturated fat per serving of 10 grams (the equivalent of 2 teaspoons).

You can opt for lighter margarines (25 to 67% less fat) as part of a diet but be careful not to consume more!

How to consume vegetable butter to slim down?
To consume the vegetable butter, the ideal is to make it yourself. Homemade will have the advantage of being organic without palm oil, lactose or lactoserum powder, gluten and sunflower oil (found throughout our diet). Much better for your health! Here is an example of a homemade recipe.

1 cup of coconut oil
¼ cup of soymilk (no sugar)
¾ cup of olive oil (or rapeseed)
1 tablespoon of xanthan gum or acadia
2 tablespoons of soy lecithin
1 teaspoon of salt
Place the container a little in advance in the refrigerator
Put your food in a thermomix mixer for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Pour the mixture into the container, cover and return to the refrigerator
The vegetable butter can be kept cool for about two weeks
Whether in sandwich or in your sweet or salty preparations, the vegetable butter has good nutritional qualities and allows to raise the taste of your preparations.

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Are snickers banned during a diet?

With more than 310 kcal per serving and an explosive composition for the line, snickers should be avoided to a maximum during a diet.

The composition of Snickers is not compatible with a diet
Beyond the calorie bill (nearly 310 calories), Snickers are made of nougat, caramel, peanuts, chocolate and sugar.

Suffice to say that with more than 55 grams of sugar and 24 grams of fat per bar, this type of candy is almost destined to end up on the hips, belly and thighs. Gluten intolerant people still tend to turn to Snickers for lack of options in this category of snacks.

This does not prevent you from savoring one from time to time if you are a big fan, but as part of a serious dieting, we must banish this food and turn to options certainly gourmet, but low in ig value and nutritional value more interesting for the body.

A snicker bar brings far too many unnecessary calories and ingredients that will promote fat storage to be inserted serenely into a diet diet.

Is there an alternative light recipe for a diet?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to reproduce a Snicker in a way that is both faithful and light.

However, turning to snacks based on nuts, seeds, almonds, honey or dark chocolate can satisfy lovers of sweet while bringing good things to the body. There are healthy Thermomix snack recipes for those who have them.

Other advantages to avoid this type of product
The main advantage when you stop using this type of bar is to preserve your health: between palm oil, sugar and different types of fat, many factors are combined to gain weight and increase risks of cardiovascular disorders, to name a few.

Similarly, a pregnant woman will have to pay more attention to her diet and turn to foods certainly rich and greedy, but more balanced in terms of inputs: healthy cake and homemade almond ice cream, small portion of organic white chocolate or black … The idea here is to control the origin and composition of what we consume.

In the end, during a diet, the good snack is rather a fruit, a yoghurt or a handful of oilseeds. If they seem less tempting than Snickers, think hard about your swimsuit goal!

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Is the star anise ideal for losing weight?

Star anise, or star anise, is a Chinese plant with virtues appreciated since ancient times. Associated with a healthy diet, its benefits on the body make it a good diet ally.

How can badian help to lose weight?
Star anise is known to facilitate digestion by limiting bloating, pain, flatulence and aerophagia. This allows you to reach your flat stomach goals faster and not to feel the side effects that sometimes occur when you change your diet, especially when you go on a diet (more fiber, more vegetables , etc.).

Prepared in concoction or herbal tea, it will also help to reduce the appetite and limit cracking for snacks that are too fat, sweet or salty.

To which recipe add the star anise?
The star anise is easily declined in the kitchen if you appreciate the taste: it goes well with scallops, risotto or leg of lamb.

To accompany a slimming diet, the ideal is to consume star anise tea Chai, herbal tea or decoction (with ginger and cinnamon in particular). In winter, the star anise often comes to the flavors of mulled wine!

Anise stars, powder or essential oils are found in a majority of organic groceries and sometimes even in supermarkets. It is very important to choose badian from China, and not badian Japanese, banned for consumption because toxic.

The healthy virtues of star anise
Star anise is one of the most used plants for herbal medicine. This is to say how much its range of benefits is wide!

Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic
Anti-viral properties
Stimulation of liver function
Relief of rheumatism
Best fight against flu
However, it is necessary to take some precautions of use. The badian is often contraindicated in the pregnant woman, the child, the woman with breast cancer or mastosis. Seizures have been detected following prolonged intake of star anise. If in doubt, it is imperative to seek the advice of your doctor.

Star anise, which differs from anise as we know it in Europe, is a very interesting plant to know and integrate little by little in its diet diet … or just his health routine! The simple fact of drinking Chaï (Indian) tea regularly is already helping to take advantage of its virtues.

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Top 10 vegetables to lose weight

When we tackle the extra pounds, we strongly hope to lose them quickly and without much effort. And if you made slimming vegetables your allies?

Burn-fat, detoxifying, draining, vegetables come to your rescue to lose weight quickly. Here are the top 10 of these star veggie diets.

Ten vegetables allied slimming plans
1. Eggplant: If there is a fearsome vegetable to eliminate unnecessary kilograms, it is eggplant. The ultimate fat sensor, this vegetable will act as a sponge to suck up fat and eliminate toxins.

Also containing a lot of pectin, it is good for intestinal transit besides it satiates fast enough.

Its energy intake is 32 kcal / 100 g. To prepare it, choose a steam cooking – this is also practically valid for all green vegetables -, or on the oven grill taking care not to over-oil.

2. Zucchini: Very low in calories, approximately 13 kcal per 100 g, zucchini is one of the perfect vegetables to lose weight.

Its digestion requires an energy expenditure from the body. Off the wall, you burn calories by eating it.

3. Cabbage: its slimming properties are known and appreciated by those who want to find a belly less bouncy.

Diuretic, it dissolves indeed fats and sugars before their absorption, you can consume it in the evening in the form of light soup.

4. Celery: In the category of green vegetables rich in minerals and antioxidants but with a very low energy value, celery is appreciated for its depurative properties. Promoting elitemax keto rapid digestion, it is a slimming vegetable that can be eaten raw in juice, combined with a salad, or cooked in a soup version.

5. Broccoli: This green vegetable is an important source of vitamin C, essential to maintain vitality. It also contains alpha lipoic acid, useful for removing sugar. Some people will not abuse it however under pain of suffering from bloating.

6. Artichoke: Containing an anti-fat substance, cynarin, artichoke is otherwise one of the most effective slimming vegetables. Its benefits on the liver and kidneys, its positive action on digestion make it a good ally to lose weight. The ideal is to take in juice, combined with lemon and / or pineapple, before the meal.

7. Spinach: With its 23 calories per 100 g, spinach is part of slimming vegetables while being good sources of minerals, including potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, as well as vitamins C and E. A consume raw or cooked. Not too fond of spinach dishes? Enjoy it as a smoothie or juice with broccoli, apple or lemon.

8. The pumpkin: Not at the top of the list of ideal vegetables to lose weight, the pumpkin helps to end a problem of weight. Vegetable low caloric, just 20 calories / 100 g, it contributes to the smooth functioning of the intestines thanks to its fibers. The pumpkin is therefore recommended for slimming belly.

9. Fennel: Bringing about 32 kcal / 100g, fennel is also in the category of anti-bloating vegetables and good for transit.

10. Pepper: Green, yellow or red, pepper reduces appetite, is an excellent fat-burning and diuretic.

How to firm the skin of her belly?

After a sudden weight loss or after pregnancy, the belly skin tends to sag and it is certainly not aesthetic. Fortunately, today, many solutions are available to those concerned.

The right exercises to quickly strengthen the lower abdomen
After a diet, you are proud to have prime slim forskolin lost weight and a lot of arms, but you can not get rid of your flabby belly? Sport is a great solution.

With the exercises to do at home that we offer, it is possible to find a skin firmed in the stomach. The basin roll is excellent to start. You have to lie down, knees bent, hands behind the head and elbows on the sides to practice this exercise.

The next step is to roll the pelvis to the ribcage and keep the position 2 seconds. 2 sets of 10 repetitions a day are sufficient. The frontal cladding is also very effective and it makes work all the abdominal muscles, including those of the lower abdomen.

In terms of muscu, the squat and the slit are the best exercises against the skin hanging from the belly.

Enjoy the benefits of essential oils
Many women dream of a perfectly smooth belly after a cesarean section. With essential oils, it is a natural and very soft way to remedy it without much effort. Grapefruit essential oil for example is excellent for firming the skin and removing the orange peel.

You can add a little geranium oil for even more effects. This product is to apply on clean skin morning and evening with a light massage to fully incorporate the benefits of oils into the skin.

Other techniques against distended belly
If you find that natural methods do not work on you, you can try the tummy tuck, although this is a fairly radical solution. It is a surgical procedure in the abdomen, which repairs imperfections and tightens the skin of the stomach after a big diet. The results will be observed in 3 weeks only.

How to remedy the belly hanging?
The soft belly, although rather unsightly, is not an impossible problem to solve. On the contrary, with the evolution of technology, it has become increasingly easy to find a flat stomach, firm muscles and especially a well toned skin.

By adapting to the shape of the silhouette, the skin was stretched and with drying out, it was distended by losing its elastic properties little by little. To remedy this, several natural techniques, including sports, are very effective.

To firm the skin of her belly, the solutions are multiple. However, like any diet, do not forget to eat well to have faster results.

How to lose weight with homeopathy when you are a man?

Are you looking for an effective cure for your many ailments? Whether for your daily pains or for a slimming program, homeopathy is the natural remedy that you need.

Used for over 200 years by many health professionals, this gentle medicine has proven itself over time. Today, homeopathy has become a slimming aid to lose weight quickly whether you are a woman or a man.

Homeopathy: an ally weight loss, for men too
Homeopathy has the advantage of being beneficial to lose weight quickly. This soft medicine has many beneficial effects, not only it is a powerful appetite suppressant against nibbling, anti-retention of water, but also a fat burning both in men than in women.

This remedy consists, first of all in detecting the cause of your appetite and thus proposes a suitable diet and the pellets to take.

Combining homeopathy and healthy living: a successful mix
Homeopathy is a complement of help in a slimming program. Indeed, to have visible results quickly, it is essential to combine it with a healthier lifestyle that is synonymous with balanced diet and adapted and regular sport.

If you have already started this good approach to lose weight, then homeopathy will be your best ally to boost weight loss. A variety of homeopathic remedies are on sale in pharmacies without a prescription, however, for optimal effectiveness, it is highly advisable to seek the advice of a homeopathic doctor.

To each of your problems, his homeopathic solution
Anxiety, stress, big cravings, cellulite, whatever your worries, a healthy lifestyle with homeopathy as a supplement will be your best solutions. But then, what to take to relieve these evils that ruin your life? What is the ideal dose for maximum effectiveness and what to take?

Against cravings and control hunger:
Antimonium Crudum 9CH: 2 granules morning, 2 to noon and 2 in the eveningAnacardium orientalis 9CH: to be taken as soon as the desire of nibbling arisesIgnatia Amara 7 CH: 2 granules 3 times a day

To regulate the appetite caused by stress
Arnica in 15 CH: 5 tablets morning and evening for 2 months, then 2 taken at 15 CH per week for 2 months and finally 1 taken at 15 CH per week the last 2 monthsGelsemium sempervirens 9 CH: 1 dose the day before and a dose the day of the stressful event.

To fight against water retention and fat storage that promote cellulite
Natrum sulfuricum 5 CH: 2 pills to be taken 3 times a day, preferably 1/4 before the meal or 1 hour after the meal. In 1 month, follow the treatment for 1 weekTo refine the sizePilosella: drink 2 cups a day in the morning and midday, in mother tincture, take 20 drops daily in kind or diluted in a glass of water, for 3 weeks. Take a break from a week off between 2 treatments.

All treatments can be repeated if the curves remain, but in any case, it is essential to consult a homeopathic doctor.