Does cross training make you lose weight?

Cross Training is excellent for fighting sedentarity , anxiety and obesity. Beginner or confirmed, it makes you reconnect with your body and helps you lose weight healthily . Man or woman, we quickly feel the benefits of this training on the body.

What is the training concept of Cross Training?

Based on a fitness method, Cross Training aims at the sequence of exercises, both general and Keto Buzz functional. These last solicit all the muscles of the body, with alternation between the time of the effort and the time of rest.

With these high-intensity exercises to be performed at specific time intervals (HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training), you achieve rapid and lasting positive results on weight loss.

Running a Cross Training Session

Each session of Cross Training is carried out on an average duration of 45 minutes. During exercises, the whole body is effectively solicited, including the cardiovascular system and muscles. It prepares you physically for the practice of a sport.

With benefits, it is an excellent training to work the silhouette and refine it . Because Cross Training sessions are flexible for each individual, courses are adaptable to individual needs and individual abilities.

Group classes are also offered to be worn by a group. They set up complete training with cardio and reinfo, under the seal of motivation.

Providing a calorie expenditure, Cross Training sessions have a direct and rapid action on the metabolism: they burn fat . By following a circuit training course, you not only lose weight, but you gain significantly in lean mass.

It has positive effects on the upper body as well as the legs. By going three times a week to the gym for sessions of about twenty minutes, you are guaranteed to do the equivalent of 5 hours of aerobics or fitness in one week. You only need 10 minutes of intensive effort to burn as many calories as 1 hour of cycling.

Recommendations for the practice of Cross Training

Before you start a Cross Training session, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The latter will have to check your general health before agreeing. Be aware that warm-ups are essential to avoid any injury (15 minutes at least).

Start gradually, because it is a Keto Buzz REVIEWSreal work force that will increase your daily caloric expenditure. In parallel, you must monitor your diet. Following such a program for a pregnant woman can be risky. Always ask for the advice of a doctor.

All you need to lose 9 kg in 2 months

So important and fast weight loss is not considered lightly. You will have to develop a program , or rather a plan of attack, and know how to save time for cooking and exercising.

Here are our tips for carrying out your plan.

To feel full, focus on high-protein foods in your menus. Learn thus to prepare a recipe with chicken cutlet Version diet , seafood, a tuna steak accompanied by his steamed vegetables or offal.

For the small hollow, one accords a handful of dried almonds, rich in benefits . To avoid being hungry during the afternoon, we always include at breakfast a small portion of starchy foods and then we are satisfied with a very light and low fat dinner .

An intense sport to lose weight harmoniously

Losing 9 pounds in 2 months is a very difficult goal to achieve without daily exercise. If you find it hard to motivate yourself, we suggest you sign up for a gym with a personalized coaching service and go there every day.

Sports such as water aerobics or aquabiking can burn a lot of calories while reducing the appearance of cellulite . Adopting an intense activity such as aerobics, step or, even better, rowing, is ideal for losing weight.

Also plan to do a series of bodybuilding exercises every day, such as pumps or boards.

Traps to avoid

If you have to revise the portions of your meals down, watch out for the risks of deficiency and nibbling . Are you hungry permanently? It’s because your meals do not fit your needs !

Remember to drink plenty of water or green tea outside of meals to hydrate and enjoy their appetite suppressant effect. Drinking between meals is recommended to avoid water retention.

For industrial cakes and pastries , prefer a compote of organic fruit , a slice of cereal bread or a faisselle . Fruits like pineapple or grapefruit, with the virtues burn fat are also recommended.

If you have not achieved your goals after 2 months, continue your efforts by trying to exercise almost every day. You should lose more weight very quickly!