Cardio or muscu to lose weight?

Both my captain! To achieve its goal of weight loss , combine the cardio that burns calories at an effort of endurance and strength training to turn bad fat into muscle, which adds pop to your body.

Sports that combine cardio and bodybuilding
It is no coincidence that coaches always advise the same types of sports to lose weight: they know that a program based on endurance and bodybuilding is the best asset to lose weight .

These include running , swimming, fast walking or cycling .

To be able to practice these sports without being bothered by the weather conditions, one enrolls in slimquick keto a gym that has the advantage of providing devices combining endurance exercise and muscu: treadmill and exercise bike.

You will also find the rower , who has the advantage of working 90% of the body’s muscles. This is the ideal device to include in yourslimming program .

Find the right balance
To lose weight , you must be careful not to get too muscular. In order to achieve this goal, it may be useful to purchase a heart rate monitor. This device consists of two elements: a sensor to measure the heartbeat, and a screen, usually in the form of a watch, which indicates this number to the user.

On average, the frequency of 130 is a good point of balance: it allows to burn fat without muscle exaggeratedly. The ideal duration of your training session is 45 minutes: you start burning fat after 30 minutes of effort.

How often do you practice?
To lose weight and refine effectively, the ideal is to start with 3 or 4 sessions of 45 minutes per week for 3 months . Do not be discouraged if you see that after one month the scale tells you that you have not lost weight …

It’s just that you’ve gained muscle! If the slimming effect you are expecting is not yet palpable, you should have a firmer body after this first month of training. You will lose weight the next two months. Thereafter, to maintain your figure, one to two exercises each week will suffice.

The procedure for losing weight is therefore rather simple: it is a question of finding a physical activity that combines endurance and muscu.

Do not forget to combine your slimquick keto training program with some simple dietary measures (avoid eating too much fat and too much sugar) to quickly have the silhouette of your dreams.

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