Exercises with weights to achieve optimal results

Perform weight – bearing exercise , does not necessarily develop their own muscular body of bodybuilders or weightlifters, on the contrary, a proper exercise routine can provide calcium to the bones, muscle strength and a good dose of hormones of youth, manifested in the good condition in which the body will be seen, as well as an excellent mood and mental state.

About weight exercises
There are many myths regarding weight training; the first derives from the fear on the part especially of women to develop an excessively muscular and masculine body, which would imply an unfeminine silhouette.

This should not be something to worry about because some proper exercises with weights will manage to give at the ideal point to avoid unwanted effects. The advice of a professional will help make this possible With discipline, perseverance and an appropriate diet.

Exercise with weights

Benefits of exercising with weights
Exercising with weights brings to the body the development and strength of muscle mass, work with weights, produces a breakdown of muscle fibrils that is replenished with stronger and stronger fibers, thus strengthening muscle mass.

On the other hand, this activity reduces the loss of bone mass, the physical impact stimulates bone formation because increasing muscle mass causes an increase in bone density.

Prevents bone fractures, not only prevents disqualification, but also women who have lost calcium in their bones, which is known as osteopenia, recover with the practice of weight training.

Improves balance, this due to muscle strength and other neurological benefits, also eliminates fat, since muscle is an active tissue that consumes calories, to develop more burns more fat.

Stylize and tense, more muscle mass and less fat, the body what it achieves is greater toning and styling, weight exercises also increase flexibility and strength, a more stylized body becomes more flexible, it also generates that people become more active and fight laziness.

As soon as the person becomes stronger, he finds himself faster and with ease of movement. It also generates more vitality, the visible effects on the body give more confidence in the person and this improves self-esteem, translating into a more positive and vital attitude.

Finally, among the many benefits generated by exercising with weights properly is to improveĀ proflex muscle physical and mental health, the activity helps to reduce diseases and disabilities, improves mental health and as a result increases longevity.

It is important to emphasize that the excess of exercise, without the adequate preparation of previous heating and subsequent stretching, produces the opposite effect, because the muscles contract excessively and lose elasticity. Similarly the exaggeration of practice in the routine of exercises with weights, can bring adverse effects, because it must be remembered that everything in excess is bad.

The dumbbell exercises tone and strengthen the body parts separately, especially the muscles , bones, tendons and joints. By developing, although minimally, muscle mass , it burns much more fat and produces more youth hormones and L-Glutamine, chemical agents that strengthen the immune system and bring health and vitality to cells and tissues.

The result is not always manifested in great weight loss , but in fat: a more stylized and less soft body, stronger muscles and bones translate into a greater balance (fewer falls, more reflexes), preventing muscle injuries (such as lumbar pain), bones and joints. Multiple reasons to start the exercise routine with weights .

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