Full Body Routines or Full Body

The main objective of the full body routine is to work all the muscles in a single session, increase muscle mass, increase strength and also lose muscle weight, all this is possible with a full body or full body routine. The routines can be done three days a week, although you can practice it on the days that can be adjusted to your daily life.

The full body routines, stimulate different muscle groups of the body, the combination of multi-joint exercises allow for better training, but some exercises can be replaced by similar ones, depending on what the person thinks and feels, also some routines can be modified, in As to the order of being made and the number of series you want to repeat.

In case you did not know a full body routine , it is done with basic exercises, which do not require a lot of sizevital male enhancement weight, the realization of these during the week depends on the person and the time available, but if it is necessary to make clear that the trainings are not carried out consecutive days, because the body needs to rest for the next training.

Benefits of the Full Body
You will not spend so much time in a gym.
Growth hormone will be stimulated.
You can train for various functions, either to increase muscle mass, strength, volume, endurance or lose weight.
You can train at any age, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert in training.
You can plan the training at your convenience, if you are going to use dumbbells in full body training, you can get muscle mass and strength.
The strength is going to increase in your body, while you increase the series in your exercises, but you must remember that you have to rest between the days of training.
The full body routine, can accompany it with a sport, such as basketball or soccer.
The full body is a full body workout, which allows you to perform your routines at home, although that does not mean you should not go to a gym, the comfort for the execution of the exercises you choose, as before mentioned will help you in a very positive way in all your muscles, increasing strength, volume among other things to your body, taking into account that you should not demand too much when training because the body also needs a rest.

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Disadvantages of the full body.
The disadvantages of the full body are very few compared to the advantages, but if I can tell you that they have some resemblance to the routine torso leg

Because the person is asked to rest after the full body routine, they believe that this delays the development of their muscles, strength and volume, and they continue training with more strength and intensity without following the instructions that were previously given . But you should keep in mind that rest will not be an impediment in your muscles.
That is the main disadvantage, that people do not know how to listen and sometimes do not perform the activities in the right way in this case the full body routines are not executed as it should be, and for this reason some people suffer from muscle pain, during the training or after having finished it. You have to know how to listen and follow the instructions in the correct way so that afterwards there are no complications that could have been avoided.

An example of a full body routine
The exercises are performed for each muscle group with their respective repetitions.

In the full body routines , all the basic exercises are performed, to provide a better training, some include accessories that help to complete the routine to perform it with a little more intensity, as in the case of dumbbells. It is recommended that heavy exercises be performed at the beginning of the routines, but if they are of legs it is better to do them at the beginning.

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