How to caress his chest according to his morphology

The breasts of women are in the image of their owner: demanding! In addition, each pair is unique. Learn to caress them and she will succumb in your arms.

Strong breasts
Researchers at the University of Vienna found that large breasts were 24% less sensitive than small breasts. ” It’s probably because the nerve that transmits the sensation of theĀ tarvos testo nipple is more stretched, ” says Alan Matarasso, plastic surgeon in New York. Stimulate the sides of the breasts, just below the armpits with your mouth or fingertips. Rotate your tongue over her nipples and nibble them gently.

Small breasts
They are sensitive but they support more movements. Use your palms and gently bounce your chest during intercourse.

Saggy breasts
These breasts are the least sensitive: not only because the nerves are tight but also because they are compressed by the weight of the chest. Lay it on your back which will relieve the tension of the nerves and help to focus on the pleasure.

The breasts redone
If it’s done well, the implants do not change the sensations. But the breasts move differently. Concentrate on the surface of his chest. With your tongue, draw circles gradually getting closer to the nipples.

The breasts of a young mother
Her nipples are sensitive, take care of the underside of her breasts that is often neglected. Take them delicately in the palm of your hands and weigh them. This will relieve her of her long day of breastfeeding.

The nipples
These are the barometers of pleasure, practical and easy to decrypt: hard is good, sullen, it’s bad sign! But they also react to changes in temperature, arising when it’s cold, like when you have goose bumps. In fact, in some women the nipples are so important that you can enjoy it just by stroking. But their sensitivity is very variable, to handle with caution!

The broad
Because they have more nerve ending, they are often hypersensitive and so do not be too aggressive … The halo, the dark circle around the nipple, is actually more sensitive than the nipple itself. Concentrate on the upper part (above the nipple).

The fearful
A study shows that 3% of women have nipples turned inward. This problem is genetic. But the nerve endings are not different from other nipples. ” Women with tummy nipples are often emotionally sensitive because they feel that their nipples are not normal, ” says Shirley Usman, a therapist.

Reassure her with compliments on her breasts. You can lick her nipples by touching them, kissing them, licking them and sucking them gently. In short, deploy all your sweetness for those cute we love!

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