How to lose 40 kg in 5 months?

Decreasing your weight too quickly is not too wise . However, the challenge of losing 4 kg in 5 months is feasible with good will and effort.

Menu type to lose 40 kg in 5 months
For your diet, think about reducing the proportions by about 40%, whether you’re a man or a woman . It’s possible to trick the brain into quantities. The idea is to be able to┬ánutrix slim keto create a caloric deficit to draw on the reserves, while avoiding nibbling. Here is an example of a menu for a day:

– Breakfast : 1 hot drink without sugar (tea, coffee or infusion) with 3 cereal dietary biscuits

– Lunch : 1 bowl of black rice or rice + 1 escalope of turkey + 1 green salad + 1 yogurt 0% MF or 1 fruit (apple)

– Taste : 1 apple or an unsweetened brew

– Dinner : soup with 1 yogurt 0% MG

How to stabilize the weight?
Choose lean meats . For poultry, do not eat the skin and remove it before cooking. Also exercise daily to get rid of stored fat in the body: 1 to 2 hours of walking for example. Sustained physical activity helps burn calories quickly and strengthen your mind to help you feel better in your body. To avoid any deficiencies, dietary supplements are sold in pharmacy (omega-3, iron, zinc …).

In case of craving, choose coffee or tea without sugar, fruit or fresh vegetable juice . However, avoid monotony in your recipes. Have fun once a week, but do not go to excess. Know stop food gaps. By belonging to a diet group, you are carried by a positive energy. This emulation is naturally beneficial to always keep in mind the objective to achieve : lose 40 kg in 5 months.

Tips and advice on losing weight permanently without ruining your health
– When you can not finish your plate, it would be better to freeze the rest and avoid forcing yourself. This way you avoid unnecessary calories and save time for your next meal.

– Set yourself goals related to your weight loss: having a new wardrobe for example. This boosts motivation and the desire for success .

– To take into account the difference before / after, take photos and detail the weight loss, week after week over 4 months.

– Do not skip meals. Take the time to eat breakfast . It is he who will set the tone of the day and help you in your goal of losing weight.

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