Losing weight with electro-bodybuilding?

You want to have a flat belly without going through painful sessions of abdominals? Electro-musculation is often touted to lose weight without having to provide the least effort.

However, does relying solely on this technology really help you achieve your goals or is it just a marketing move to sell better? This is what we will quickly discover through this article that reveals the mystery.

How to firm the belly with electro-musculation?
Unfortunately for those who support the least effort, electro-bodybuilding is not yet able to remove the keto drox small belly fat alone , as its manufacturers would suggest. According to the sports coach and co-author of the book “Trail” Jean-Marc Delorme, it is necessary to practice in parallel fitness sessions .

Indeed, if the device helps to tone the belly muscles, the sport contributes to the melting of fat for a perfectly redesigned silhouette. It is then advisable to practice abdominals 3 to 4 times a week to see the difference before and after its use.

Electro-musculation, in addition to sport
Electro-training consists of sending electrical pulses in the form of electrodes to a localized area of ​​the body in order to work the muscles. In our case, it is then an abdominal belt that can be worn daily. Relatively discreet and wireless, it hides perfectly under your favorite little top. At the top of your look, you can then stimulate your abdominals up to the lower abdomen while doing another activity.

However, according to specialists, this technology would in no way allow to lose weight on the scales . It is more of a belly remodeling that needs to be accompanied by a traditional bodybuilding to have convincing results.

Electro-musculation: good to know
The use of electro-musculation is formally prohibited during pregnancy. Indeed, the electrical impulses are bad for the normal development of the newborn. In addition, to avoid muscle saturation, too prolonged use of this device is not recommended. Health side, you should know that there is no risk because the electrodes work only in the area where they are located. As a result, the heart and lungs are not subject to stress.

The origin of electro-musculation
This technology was first introduced in the 80’s. It was immediately a hit for its convenience and great promise. What’s better than a device doing all the work for you? That was his motto. However, it was quickly noticed that the method was far from a keto drox miracle. This has led manufacturers to rethink their advertising and to increase their collaboration with sports halls.

The electro-musculation is effective only if you accompany it with regular sessions of abdominals . So, to say goodbye to your flabby belly, stop believing in miracles and get to work! You will see that the results will live up to your expectations.

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