Sports supplements: What is the BCCA?

On multiple occasions, when we enter a routine in our gym, we see results, and many people think of taking some kind of sports supplements , the best known of all are proteins, but there are others less known and that we sometimes take, more for “recommendation” than for really knowing what its effects and consequences are.

Today we are going to talk about the BCCA . Most people do not really know what they are and how they affect our body, but the truth is that they are one of the most important sports supplements to gain muscle and increase performance when performing our exercises. The BCCA are nothing but branched amino acids, more specifically three of these, which are leucine, isoleucine and valine . Proof of its importance is that they are part of nothing less than about 35% of our muscles . Its main functions are the synthesis of muscle protein, increase performance, with the consequent decrease in fatigue, and helps the immune system of our body.

They can and should serve as a great sports supplement when it comes to cardio exercises or heavy loads. testex 100 How can you help me? You will be asking. Well, when we are doing a weight-lifting exercise, we are depleting the glycogen that is stored in our body, and this responds by stopping the synthesis of proteins, so the body begins to catabolize, just the adverse effect that we want get.

When taking BCCA when we are going to have a period of high physical exercise, such as a great weightlifting, we make the body reverse this situation, and continue to synthesize proteins. The translation that you all want to read is this: the BCCA help muscle growth, reduce fatigue in rest periods between surveys and make us have a better performance.

How should I take the BCCA?

The necessary dose will always vary according to each case. It will depend on the person, the type of exercise you are going to perform that day, and may even influence the possibility that you are already taking some protein shake with a sufficient dose of BCCA, in which case you will not have to take them separately. However, it is advisable to take 4 to 8 grams before training , and that same dose once finished in training, being able to supplement with a dose of the same amount taken in fasting.

This recommendation when taking BCCA may vary if we plan to perform on the same day, weight lifting and cardio exercises, where it would be advisable to take a dose of BCCA just before cardio training, to avoid muscle loss in the same, and because it is also shown to help lose belly fat.

Therefore, it is only necessary to indicate that the BCCA has to be an obligatory sports supplement in every athlete’s diet, without forgetting that most of our results will be linked with our daily diet and not with the extras that we can ingest for our organism.

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