Stones effective against cellulite?

Cellulite is the number one enemy of many women. It can sometimes be a real source of complex and its victims are constantly looking for effective solutions to overcome once and for all. Did you know ? Some stones have the power to help you fight cellulite and edema .

Lithotherapy has been used for a long time to help burn calories and eliminate cellulite . Here is a non-exhaustive list of stones with anti-cellulite effects.

The howlite
This white stone stained with gray is known for its power to harmonize the exchange of cellular liquids. natura farms keto It is this exceptional virtue that makes it effective against water retention and cellulite. It is also a mineral very recommended for burning fat.

The howlite is therefore the ideal stone to successfully remove the cellulite and find a beautifully refined silhouette . It works by improving the exchange of liquids between the cells and drains the excess water little by little.

Magnesite is also a very recommended anti cellulite stone . It has desiccant properties that help to remove water retention and cellulite. It can be complementary with the red jasper if you want to lose weight at the same time.

The combination of these two stones has the effect of draining cellulite , reduce appetite and prevent cravings. It’s perfect for people who are on a slimming diet. You can prepare them as an elixir to drink 30 minutes before the evening meal.

Watermelon tourmaline
To clear the orange peel look, the watermelon tourmaline can also help you. This stone has proven anti-cellulite properties. Like the other stones mentioned above, it is also preferable if you want to lose extra pounds. Water retention can cause swelling of the belly , thighs, ankles and feet, watermelon tourmaline is effective to fight against all these inconveniences.

Lapis lazuli
Blue metamorphic rock , lapis lazuli is also used in lithotherapy to combat cellulite and water retention. Just be careful because on the market, the stone is often tinted and has almost no longer its natural virtues. Prefer to buy from a reliable seller. Otherwise, avoid the elixirs, just use it as a jewel.

So these are stones among others that you can use in order to fight against cellulite but also overweight for most . You can wear them as jewelry, prepare them in elixir or just put them next to the area to be treated for 30 minutes a day, preferably in the evening before going to bed.

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